@Vitenparken in Ås
Fredrik A. Dahls vei 8
1430 Ås, Norway

30 SEPT - 2 OCT 2019
30 SEPT - 2 OCT 2019

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︎from Algae to Bioplastic

Facilitating the creation and development of sustainable algae-based materials

In this 1 + 2 day seminar and workshop we bring together key experts from the entire value chain from algae to bioplastics. 

We have gathered scientists, designers, producers, artists, engineers and architects, all driven by the same mission: to cross disciplines and work holistically in pursuit of sustainable material developments.

Come and join us in this open transdisciplinary, collaborative, and hands-on knowledge exchange for the development of algae-derived biomaterials.

Programme (past)

This has been a unique opportunity for researchers, designers, architects, engineers and artists to connect, cross-pollinate and explore the potential of collaboration.

We built the final programme to make every day of the event an opportunity to share expertise, perspectives, challenges and visions across disciplines.

We aim at catalysing the creation of projects in partnership between research institutions and fields of applications such as design, architecture, engineering and industry.

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The event was funded by The Nordic Culture Fund and free of charge for all participants.
Project funding is an opportunity for projects and partnerships emerging from this event.

Norwegian BioArt Arena, a project by:

Learn about the process from Algae to Bioplastic directly from experts.

Discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable material design and development.